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Contact & Reservations

Please feel free to contact us by using this form and we will be very happy to answer your questions or process your reservations immediately.

If you are here in Cozumel you can contact us at this cell phone number:  987 103 7120  
If you want to call us from from the united states please dial this way:  011 521 987 103 7120

Keep in mind we take only six divers. Please plan ahead so your spot is guaranteed. When we take your reservation we do it seriously and hold the space for you at the exclusion of others.
We require a deposit of one diving day with tax PER DIVER regardless of the package or scuba course you are taking.


Please use this form to contact us by email:




Email Address:



Our cancellation policy:

30 days or more: you get a full refund, or a reschedule.

15 to 29 days: you get a reschedule if spaces are available, or 50% back.

7 to 14 days: you get a reschedule, not a refund, if openings are available.

Less than 7 days: no refunds will be possible

Prices based on four divers minimum. If only two, you have a choice of paying extra to cover operating cost, or get a full refund.

If port is closed in Cozumel due to bad weather you get a full refund or reschedule.

If port is open but you decide not to go, no refund will be possible.
If you are sick and you let us know before closing time (7:00 PM), the evening before, you get a reschedule.

No shows do not qualify for any kind of refund.


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